How to Buy Bitcoin

how to purchase bitcoin

Bitcoin can be puzzling for beginners, resembling deciphering ancient writing. However, the attraction of Bitcoin, characterized by significant ups and downs, motivates many to enter the world of digital currency. This guide seeks to clarify the process by focusing on acquiring Bitcoin through the user-friendly exchange, KuCoin. Consider KuCoin as your online marketplace for digital currency, with Bitcoin as one of the many options to explore.

Purchasing Bitcoin might seem overwhelming due to its intricate environment, filled with technical terms and constantly changing market prices. Nevertheless, the process is simple, following a similar structure to any online purchase but with additional layers of digital security and excitement. By the conclusion of this guide, you will not only understand how to buy Bitcoin but also feel prepared to navigate the broader cryptocurrency landscape. The cryptocurrency market is expansive, featuring well-known exchanges such as Bybit,, Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken, each offering distinct features and advantages. For now, we will focus on KuCoin to streamline your introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to remove the complexity and equip you to become a knowledgeable Bitcoin investor. Are you ready to get started?

Important To Know Before

  • Bitcoin purchase can be simplified into a series of steps, even for beginners.
  • KuCoin serves as a user-friendly platform for buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin.
  • Security measures are crucial; enabling features like 2FA on KuCoin adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Investment strategy should be considered before buying Bitcoin; whether it’s for long-term holding or short-term trading.
  • Market research is essential to understand Bitcoin’s price trends and to time your purchase wisely.
  • Diversification in cryptocurrency investments can help manage risk.

Setting Up Your KuCoin Account

Registration Process

To begin purchasing Bitcoin using KuCoin, one must first establish an account. Creating an account is nearly as simple as setting up a social network presence. First, go to the KuCoin website or download the mobile app. To proceed with your registration, you must give a genuine email address or phone number. Once you get and confirm a verification code for your contact information, the next steps are to create a strong password and enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to provide an additional layer of protection. Always remember that in the cryptosphere, security should come first.

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Verifying Your Identity

Identity verification or KYC (Know Your Customer) is a key step in unlocking all of KuCoin’s features, including higher withdrawal limits and enhanced security measures. This process requires submission of identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, and may also require submission of a utility bill for address verification. While KYC may seem a bit intrusive, it is standard practice across all financial platforms and is designed to prevent fraud and comply with regulatory requirements. The duration of the verification may vary, but is usually completed within a few days.

Depositing Funds

Before purchasing Bitcoin, you must fund your KuCoin account. KuCoin offers several ways to do this, including bank transfer, credit or debit card, and even PayPal in some regions. For beginners, using cards is probably the easiest option. However, please note that card transactions may incur fees. Once you select your preferred deposit method and follow the instructions to complete the transaction, your KuCoin account will be credited and you will be able to enter the Bitcoin market.

Buying Bitcoin on KuCoin

Navigating the Exchange

Once your account is set up and funded, buying Bitcoin on KuCoin is easy. Go to the Markets section, search for the Bitcoin pair you are interested in (BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, etc.) and click on it. You will be taken to the trading screen where you can view current market prices, trading volumes and other relevant data. For beginners, the Spot trading option is a great place to start; it allows you to buy Bitcoin at the current market price.

Making Your Purchase

To buy Bitcoin, go to the “Buy/Sell” section on the trading page. You can reach that price by choosing between a “market” order (where you buy Bitcoin at the current market price) and a “limit” order (where you set a price you’re willing to pay and the order will only be executed if the market price changes). For convenience, it is recommended that beginners use market orders. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase or the amount of Fiat you want to spend and confirm your purchase. Congratulations, you just purchased Bitcoin on KuCoin!


Buying Bitcoin may appear complex, yet the process can be streamlined, particularly when utilizing platforms such as KuCoin. From establishing and safeguarding your account to executing your initial transaction, the path includes measures that guarantee not only a successful purchase but also a secure position in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Acquiring Bitcoin is merely the initiation; the cryptocurrency realm is expansive and consistently developing, presenting both opportunities and obstacles. As you commence on this thrilling journey, continue learning and stay informed about market trends. Deliberate on your investment approach, broaden your portfolio, and consistently emphasize security. The route to becoming an experienced crypto investor is marked by inquisitiveness, prudence, and ongoing learning. Therefore, here’s to embarking on that primary step with assurance and to the numerous steps that will ensue. Welcome to the Bitcoin world!


What is the minimum amount I can invest in Bitcoin on KuCoin?

There isn’t a real minimum amount you can buy. Depending on your strategy we suggest to learn how the DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) model works and invest according to it 

How safe is it to buy Bitcoin on KuCoin?

Compared to Decentralized exchanges that are back by no one knows what. Exchanges like kucoin are backed by banks and licensed. 

Can I buy Bitcoin on KuCoin without verifying my identity?

Kucoin does not require you to do KYC as a bitcoin holder but if you are looking to trade and invest daily you should consider doing the KYC verification.

How long does it take for a Bitcoin purchase to reflect in my KuCoin account?

After buying bitcoin in an exchange it will reflect on your account immediately unlike when buying on decentralized exchanges like pancakeswap.

What fees does KuCoin charge for buying Bitcoin?

Fees can change as you go. A few factors are taken in when trading, the higher your trading volume is the better.

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