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If you’ve visited a cryptocurrency casino in recent times, chances are you’ve come across provably fair games. There’s either a separate category for these games or at least a mention under the casino’s terms. These games have revolutionized the industry, allowing players to verify the fairness of their bets.

In short, the games are fair without the authentication of third-party companies. They ensure that casinos can’t cheat players, as the outcome of these games is provable, transparent, and can be verified. We’ll cover more ground on provably fair games in the paragraphs below.

What Are Provably Fair Games?

Provably fair games are casino games built on blockchain technology. The PF concept is a guarantee of trust and fairness. Unlike regular online casino games that are verified by third-party auditors, players can verify the integrity of provably fair games themselves. This system is transparent and was designed to build trust between operators and players.

iGaming operators that embrace this concept is more than just adopting a relatively new system. It means a commitment to transparency and fairness. PF technology allows operators to show their players that each game result is fair. This is very important in an industry where trust is of crucial importance.

The PF technology has already been implemented in many games by the largest studios. For example, its practical application can be found in Aztec Magic Deluxe by BGaming, as well as the studio’s roulette games.

For players, being able to verify the game’s results personally elevates the experience up a notch. You don’t need to wonder if a game has random results anymore. With the help of client and server seeds, you can test the random results of each provably fair game yourself.

The Technical Process Behind the Provably Fair Algorithm

The provably fair system features several key components. They all work in synergy on blockchain technology to ensure transparency and fairness. The elements include the aforementioned player and server seed as well as nonce and cryptographic hash seeds that secure the game outcome.

  • Server seed: the served seed is a number generated by the game itself. It’s kept hidden from players to ensure trust.
  • Player seed: before starting the game, a player can start the verification testing process by generating a random number. This is the player seed. You can generate the number yourself or let the game randomly generate it for you.
  • Nonce: this is a number that changes randomly with every bet. It can be 0 or 1 and keeps results random and independent for each round.
  • Encryption technology: SHA-256 is a 256-bit encryption technology that secures the integrity and randomness of each game round.

These 4 specific elements work together to create a provably fair system. They ensure transparency and fairness which is a crucial element of each crypto casino.

How Are Provably Fair Games Integrated into Crypto Casinos?

The provably fair games are integrated into crypto casino sites via blockchain tech. This technology is already reshaping the way the online gambling industry works. It made casinos much safer and more transparent than ever before. More importantly, it gives players the key to the fairness kingdom which is much better than having third-party auditors verify game fairness.

This algorithm and cryptocurrency casinos are the perfect match. The blockchain technology runs on cryptographic algorithms and hashing functions, just like the provably fair system. With the PF system, you’re not just verifying game fairness, but also verifying that you’re playing at a legit casino.

RNG vs. Provably Fair – What Are the Differences?

The Provably Fair mechanism aims to dethrone random number generators or RNGs. This system is still the default way to ensure game fairness in the online gambling industry. It’s a type of a software device that randomizes the outcome of each round or spin. While it is adopted by the leading providers and third-party auditors, PF beats it by a mile.

Here are the main differences in the two leading game fairness systems:


The random number generator is often called a black box. The game’s outcome is determined by a complex process, but you’re not allowed to peek behind the curtain. With the Provably Fair system, you can verify the game’s fairness on your own.


Casinos rely on third-party auditors to verify the fairness of their RNG games. Neither the operator or the player has a role in this process, so there’s always room for something shady. That doesn’t happen with PF systems which are entirely independent when testing game fairness.

Player Preferences

With the widespread availability of RNG games, they’re the preferred game for many players. Most simply trust the black box and believe in certificates by third-party auditors. The main problem with the PF system is the lack of adoption. Some players and operators find it complicated, so until players get educated and see the benefits, RNG games will remain a favorite.

Top Benefits of Provably Fair Games

There are many benefits for both operators and players to switch to the PF system. Transparency is just the beginning. They offer an enhanced user experience too and some other advantages listed below.

  • Transparency and Trust: provably fair platforms offer complete transparency. It lets the player verify the fairness of each game round, ensuring that no one—neither the casino or dealer—can mess with the results. This builds trust between the player and operator like nothing else.
  • Anonymous Gaming: blockchain technology and provably fair systems allow for completely private and anonymous gaming. It ensures integrity and keeps your identity hidden from third parties and prying eyes. Gambling stigmas are real, and not every player wants to be seen playing in a casino. With the help of provably fair, they can do that online easily.
  • Puts the Player in Control: by giving the player a chance to verify the game’s trust and integrity, the PF system enhances the user experience. While some players prefer RNG games, those who have verified a Provably Fair game at least once will know how big the difference is. It’s simply better to play when you’re in control.
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