Responsible Gambling

Winning can be exhilarating, but it’s important to stay in control. For the best chance of keeping things fun and making sure you don’t lose more than intended, keep these helpful tips in mind when playing online gambling games:

  1. Be mindful of the amount of money you wager and only bet what you’re willing to part with.

  2. Losing streaks happen to everyone, but it’s important not to spend too much to make your money back quickly.

  3. Online gambling is a form of entertainment and should not be used to make money.

At, we prioritize creating a responsible environment for all of our games and services – one that doesn’t put customers at risk of spending too much money or developing a gambling addiction. To ensure this commitment is met every time you choose to play with us, we strictly adhere to industry standards regarding online gaming safety and responsibility.

Deposit Limits and Self-Exclusion

We want to help you better control your gambling, and one way players can do that is by setting deposit limits. You can request daily, weekly or monthly limits, and any requests to reduce your limit will be processed immediately. A request to increase the limit will only be activated after at least 24 hours have passed. For more information about setting up deposit limits, contact the customer support staff at the online casino you are gambling at.


The minimum age that is supported by to play casino games is 18 years old. Nevertheless, we take into account the fact that some countries have a higher required minimum age for their players.

We fully understand that it is not appropriate to advertise our services or encourage visits from children to our website. Therefore, we have implemented several screening procedures designed to identify and remove any content that may be potentially harmful or unsuitable for minors. We also appreciate that different members of the same family often use separate devices to access the internet.

We want to reassure our users that only responsible adults can access our website. If you’re a guardian, we want to work with you to ensure your children are protected from gambling and gaming. There are several software filters that block access for underage users- if you find yourself needing help preventing your child from accessing our website.

If you want to learn more about gambling addiction and its warning signs, please explore the following links:

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