Sauber Rebrands Its F1 Name as Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber

Sauber Rebrands Its F1 Name as Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber

It’s been a couple of years since Stake joined the online gambling industry and became one of the biggest gaming platforms. As an up-and-rising company, the management and owners had a very serious approach to the market. People were and still are able to see this brand almost everywhere they go.

This crypto casino is sponsoring various sporting events, clubs, and sports persons, as well as popular singer Drake. One of its biggest sports that Stake is making an appearance is F1. However, this year Stake is taking an extra step forward in promoting its online casino brand.

The Stake F1 Team

In January 2024, Stake Casino announced that its brand would appear on one of Formula One’s teams. That team is Sauber, which the online casino joined as a co-title partner in 2023.
Now, both companies are levelling up their partnership as the sole title partner. This also includes full naming rights operation, which is why Stake’s name will feature on the F1 team’s official name.

Sauber was competing under the famous Alfa Romeo team for 5 years. Now, Stake had an initial deal with Alfa Romeo since last year. But, things changed when Alfa Romeo ended their partnership with Sauber. They decided to leave Formula One to allow Audi to take over their team for 2026.

As a result, Stake continued their F1 deal with Sauber, which will last at least for the next two seasons. The crypto casino announced that it will take unique and breathtaking activities in the cities that will feature the F1 races.

Stake also noted that they will be changing how the world looks at brand partnerships with elite sporting organizations. As of today, we know that the Stake F1 Team will unveil a new car look for the upcoming season. The F1 team will launch its new car, the KICK Sauber C44, on the 5th of February this year.

Sauber Sponsorship With Kick

Apart from continuing their partnership with Stake, Sauber has also signed a deal with Kick. If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it’s a rising streaming platform owned by the co-founder of Stake.

F1 fans will be able to see Stake’s and Kick’s brands on the new car. But, that isn’t all, as Kick got the naming rights for the car for 2024 and 2025. Because of that, the name of the car for the 2024 season is KICK Sauber C44.

Sauber and Kick started working together in January 2023. At that time the streaming website signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team. But, after the departure of Alfa Romeo, Kick is now honouring the same deal with Sauber.
In the beginning, the main reason for the deal between Sauber and Kick was to replace the Stake logo. But, this only happens in countries where gambling and sports betting advertisements are illegal.

Now, Sauber and Stake may run into some troubles in the 2024 and 2025 seasons with its official name. Officials might force the team to avoid mentioning Stake in countries where gambling is illegal. If that happens, then the F1 team might once again replace Stake with Kick.
Last year in June, Sauber announced a different type of title partnership with Kick. This one was about the Alfa Romeo F1 Team KICK Esports. After the departure of Alfa Romeo, the team is now going as Sauber Esports.

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Will Sauber’s New F1 Name Cause Any Problems?

As we mentioned earlier, the new Sauber name can run into some troubles in countries where gambling advertisement is illegal. This is because of what Stake represents and offers to its customers. In a way, this isn’t direct marketing, but some may argue that they are trying to find a loophole.

There are plenty of countries on the F1 calendar that ban gambling and sports betting advertisements. Even Sauber’s native country Switzerland has restrictions to this type of marketing.

Apart from Switzerland, 8 other countries of the 24 host nations have some kind of restrictions on gambling. Among them are Japan, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, and Bahrain. Also, Australia is banning any advertisement from Stake in its territory.
Banning a logo on an F1 car or on the team’s outfit isn’t news in this sport. However, problems may arise as the brand’s name is actually the official name of the F1 team.

The official name of Suaber F1 tam is Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber, but it goes shortly by Stake F1 Team. Now, they might do the same thing that they did last year when they were using Kick instead of Stake.

Or maybe the team would consider using Sauber F1 Team as its official name in the featured countries. All we can do now is guess until the officials from F1 reveal their decision regarding this new F1 team’s name.

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